To customers,

Thank you for your continuing support. We has announced that ’Singapore Rain Map’ will be terminated.

All services will stop serving on 31 October, 2019. *As part of that, SG Rain Map does not support for iOS13.

Thank you very much for using SG Rain Map!

What's Singapore Rain Map?

This application shows rainy areas inside Singapore and notifies you of coming rain to your location. And transition of PSI measurement, which is a trend topic on air pollution (Haze), also is indicated as graph on it.

The scope of function to display raining area is expanded peripherally to a part of Malaysia and Sumatra (Indonesia) from only Singapore. Resolution of RainMap is automatically tuned up to the map resolution you are looking at. If you magnify a map within Singapore, you can get information on raining conditions at the shorter interval and at the smaller district. To make renewal interval longer, please change your map scale where you can find both of Malaysia and Sumatra on your map and you can grab weather conditions in the larger area. We recommend you would utilize well each scale for your purpose.


Additional setting

”Hide Annotation” is added to OPTIONS on the Setting tab. By enabling it, you can control on/off of avatars or/and café icons on RainMap.


For café owner

If you are café owner who is considering post of your shop information; campaign announcement, special tips and so on, please contact us from @

Each Screen Functions


frog1 RainMap

Rain transition for the past one hour can be referred with animation. If it rains near your location, with 2 leveled alerts this application notifies you rain is approaching to your area. Each score of rain man or rain woman is calculated by the rate caught in a shower in the past, and the rankings are shown on your display. Area where rain man and rain woman ranked in top 5 are at the moment can be seen on the display. Weather information, updated every 3 hours, around your location is displayed on the upper area of your screen. In case your location is undefined or out of Singapore, information on“City” will be shown. An approaching thunder gives you its alert on the upper area on the screen.


PSI frog2

Graphics which shows PSI (air pollution level) transition each hour are generated and you can compare it with the PSI index as of yesterday. This gives 2 types of information. One indicates PSI transition with bar chart or line chart, and the other does how hot spots flow to cause Haze by wind directions. In 4 areas, Central, West, East, South and North, PSI (24h) is shown respectively. Line chart indicates PSI value according to where you are now. Bar chart indicates 3 hour-average PSI of all over the Singapore.



Whenever you want, this HandleName can be changed on “Setting”. Those who do not need to share the location data could select Privacy/Location Services/ on “Setting” from your iPhone menu, and set “OFF” at SGRainMap. If you don't want to see some advertisements, then you can remove all advertisements by payment. If you start to use new iPhone device, you can restore purchases informations by "Restore Purchases" button.


This displays information of temperature and weather condition on your current location. Scrolling provides you with weather forecasts each one hour ahead with icon and temperature. And more, weather forecasts from tomorrow to 1 week ahead can be shown. The last area by scrolling lists precipitation probability, humidity, wind direction, sensory temperature, atmospheric pressure and UV index under where you are now.


The ranking of rain man or rain woman as well as your current location on the map can be listed every town. By clicking “Location” on the ranking of rain man or rain woman, the ranking every area can be displayed, where showing RainMap allows you to see the position of the rain man or woman in each ranking.


Wide Screen

You can browse in the animation information of a wide range of cloud than ever before. You can refer to back the
change of every hour from about 5 hours ago.
City that is included in this Wide mode is as follows;
Taipei, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Manila, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, Yangon, Chittagong, Ko Samui, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bali, Darwin, Port Moresby

Additional Information

  • Notifications

    Rain and Haze information is displayed based on data the National Environment Agency of Singapore and Meteorological Service Singapore provides.

    As it is updated by 5-10 minutes, you can see rain transition for the past 60 minutes by animation, and the amount of rain fall indicated by color; blue, green, yellow, red from small to large. IIn rare cases, when the service providing data would be under maintenance, correct date cannot be obtained.

    We appreciate that you understand this situation. Range of information on rain fall this application offers is mainly limited to domestic area in Singapore.

    1) Flash flood could occur if prolonged heavy rain coincide with high tide.
    2) Heavy showers generally imply high chance of lightning occurrence.
    3) Patches of green areas that are small and static may not be due to presence of rain.

    The rate caught in a shower for rankings is calculated by own criteria our company sets in its way.


    rain intensity

    Wind flow visualization: by Cameron Beccario. we respect this good projects. SGRainMap displays their carbon monoxide mode. And we get a weather information from this site:

  • Details
    • 70km range (the priciest mode): only in Singapore. History in 5 minutes.
    • 240km range: in Singapore and its peripheral area. History in 15 minutes.
    • 480km range (the widest mode): shows radar information of circle scope. History in 30 minutes.

    When you need a larger reference than this, you can use “Wide Mode” on Setting. The function, Notification, is available at districts only in Singapore.

  • Versions
    About version 2.4.3
    • Supported iPhoneX
    • Fixed some bugs
    About version 2.0.2
    • Version2.0.0 allowing café locations to be shown on RainMap would be useful to look for café in order to get out of sudden rain.
    • For current users we offer frog or snail avatar which continues to evolve as long as you use our application.
    About version 1.1
    • The ranking of rain man or rain woman as well as your current location on the map can be listed every town.
    • By clicking “Location” on the ranking of rain man or rain woman, the ranking every area can be displayed, where showing RainMap allows you to see the position of the rain man or woman in each ranking.

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This application is not to forecast the weather but to display current rainy area at this moment. Delayed notification would come to your account due to network condition you are using. We appreciate your comprehension of this aspect.

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